Representative Contact

Part of my interest in the life of the works is knowing that each buyer/collector has an additional connection to the work by knowing ‘that story’. The individuals involved in the Sales and Marketing of my work has not only the ‘back story’, they’ve got the Provenance on every piece.

Each limited edition work is produced on and with archival media and pigments having a minimum of 75 years longevity. Printed on-demand the images are signed, numbered and stamped for authenticity. Our system then logs it into a master database with each subsequent sale/transfer of ownership updated in the system.

Please contact the below with questions on or for the purchase of any images:

Sebastian Galasso, New York and California 310.924.9415
Daniel Stephens, Midwest and Canada 612.297.4550

Additionally I am represented by The Satori Group Los Angeles 310.924.9415 for speaking engagements, licensing, large scale installations, or collaborations in other disciplines.