Though there exists a virtual reality where one can believe themselves to be ‘in’ a physical space, my images can be viewed here, but I don‘t think they can be ‘experienced’.

A component of the imagery, as a finished piece, is its play on textures, and the internet doesn’t allow for the viewer to discern perceived texture from actual.

Walking into a rug shop, touching and sitting on them, allowing the rugs to ‘speak’ to you is not the same as seeing them on the computer no matter how intriguing, beautiful the pattern, or historical the reference. My works are similar to tribal rugs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Reps they know the stories behind the images.

Oh yeah, and keep your eyes and ears open ’cause we’re going to be animating the ‘MusIkons’ and showcasing ‘Heroes of Hemp:Outlaws of the New Millennium’.


The Splash Page shows the tips of various icebergs, a gentleman I considered one of my mentors, Gordon Parks; the cover of the book Deb Willis selected me for and the letter from the NMAAHC at the Smithsonian; co-Founder of the Crown Family Unity Programs, Ghanaian Master Weaver, Kofi Owosu Bempah; a couple of articles from Dallas; postcards from photographer Carlotta Corpron and curator Barbara McCandless, my  Cubist self-iTrait matchstick painting, and of course my altered ego, Qyot’I and SU.

I’ve been queried regarding some of the language and words on the site, yes a bunch of them are my personal ‘pidgin’. Where and when I grew up survival for me was knowing who was talking ‘nice’ about me and who wasn’t. I was lucky that I grew up speaking Patois from the Islands with my Grandma, and learned Latin and German in school. The Latin assisted in my getting along in whatever neighborhoods I frequented playing basketball.

‘Djinn’ evolved from the Arabic word for spirit, Jinn, and my addition of a letter that tends to mean ‘of’ in most languages. In the ’80s it helped to separate me from the guy who won all the Olympic gold medals. So I am ‘of the Spirit’ as these images are ‘the Open Spirit’, l’oeuvre Jinn. Oh yeah and I real liked the ‘zhhhhhh’ sound.


I’ll never forget the first conversation I had with artist/designer/inventor, Charles Mingus III aka CM3, son of the legendary Jazz bassist, in 1983 …  2 meals, 8 hours, on a land line, with the most remembered comment being his salient statement on ‘Art’, “Sex sells!”. Our current standing joke is that I’m either going to get food or eating. It was quite (you put in the adjective once you read about five more of these lolololol) to meet his brother, musician Dorian Mingus, in 2006 at his neighbor, and our mutual friend, musician/audio engineer Baron Chase’s house.

More later …

So … for me ‘Composition’ is how you lead your viewer through the frame. It utilizes the elements of line, form, shape, pattern, texture, tonality/color in various proportions to tell ‘your’ story. So the objective/intent is to use the frame to tell the story in a cogent and coherent manner {emphasis on ………}.

Positioning the subject/objects/negative space create the path for the viewer to go somewhere. The ‘formula’ for all this encompasses weight and mass; look at the work of Josef Albers.

Does a pound of feathers equal a pound of lead?

I loved the way Miles phrased it, “‘ … it’s the space between the notes, Baby.'”